The book is available in printed and e-book formats, and the app is available on Android, iOS as well as BlackBerry 10. In conjunction with the comprehensive website, this provides an all-round experience to the customer.

The app engages the readers more closely with the subject matter, adding value to the book. At the same time, users who come across the apps are pointed to the main website as a way to drive sales.

This type of integration and collaboration are core values at Glowworm Software.

The mobile marketing space is impossible to ignore these days. Apps allow businesses to expand their footprint and engage with users in this new arena.

A good example of this is Drink This In, a joint collaboration between Glowworm Software, 2bits Software, and the authors of the book itself.

apps as branding


appdev & consulting


Glowworm will write your app for you, handling all aspects of development, management and release. 

Glowworm specialises in professional Android development, and is also able to offer BlackBerry 10 development in-house. iOS development can be handled by development partners.
But perhaps you are looking for more?​ You have your own mobile team, and would prefer Glowworm to act on a consulting basis, guiding your team according to mobile development best practices.

​This will enable your team to get up and running faster than if they had to learn the hard way. With the proper guidance, you will soon be writing your own apps. All the while maintaining that important control over the process.

Check out some of our apps on Google Play.